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How to Enter

The Rose Bowl Awards are open to any amateur dramatic or operatic club in Bristol and surrounding area including Devon, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. 

To enter for an Award for a production, download the application form and email the completed form to


The entrance fee of £70 is payable (by bank transfer) with entry to Rose Bowl Awards – see form for details.  


Rose Bowl Awards Application Form


Please note that the entry fee must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to the performance for which an adjudicator is required.

All entries for the October Awards cycle must be completed and lodged with the Secretary by 30th July with the performances scheduled between 1st September of the previous year and 31st August of the current year.

If you would like to enter the "Best Publicity Award" then you can download the application form HERE

For further information about applying for an Award, contact the Secretary, Liz-Anne Hendy, by email or by phone 07920 116425.

How the Awards are Assessed

Your Adjudicator assesses the production and decides whether any performance or other aspect of the production is worthy to be nominated for an Award. In deciding whether to make a nomination, the Adjudicator will be taking into account various factors set out on the MARKING SHEET (Dramatic Productions)  or the  MARKING SHEET (Musical Productions) as appropriate.


At the end of August, all the Adjudicators attend a meeting chaired by an independent member of the Rose Bowl Committee. They review the nominations and decide the winner in each category, using the mark sheets, the adjudications and the comments of the Adjudicator and of any of the other Adjudicators on the panel who have seen the productions under consideration in a personal capacity.

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